Instride Case Study

Stepping It Up with Medical Technology App, InStride

T4G and a Halifax start-up are using emerging medical technology to benefit orthopedic patients and medical practitioners.

We love a challenge. So when OrthoMX Inc., a local medtech startup, called on T4G to help them improve the orthopedics patient experience, the team stepped up. We were asked to build an app for medical professionals and patients used to record patient walking patterns and monitor joint health over time. The mathematical and technical requirements of the app presented us with a complicated challenge.


Gamification: That’s My Jam

Brands are embracing gamification. Want to learn more about game development and design, but not sure where to start? Try a Game Jam.

Other than a brief addiction to Tetris (when I played so much I actually started dreaming in Tetris pieces) I have not played a video game since the days of old Nintendos, Super Mario Brothers, and Duck Hunt. But when a number of T4G developers (who also happen to be avid gamers) offered to fill me in on a creative project they’d been working on, I decided the time was right to, well, get with the times.

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